Do yourself a favor and give me a call when you are ready to have your taxes prepared. More than 75% of my clients are realtors, I understand your business. I prepare all returns myself and will do my best to insure you use every strategy available to you. I want to make your life less taxing.

Can you answer “yes” all the questions below? All my clients can!

  • Do you know the right way to deduct your business vehicle?
  • Are you getting the maximum entertainment & travel deductions?
  • Do you know why you should take the home office deduction?
  • Do you know the right way to deduct 100 % of your medical expenses?
  • Is your record keeping audit-proof?
  • How did the recent Tax Law changes affect your pocketbook?
  • Does your Tax Professional provide detailed worksheets to help you find all the deductions that are available?